“Finding Stillness” an Autumn Yoga, Wellness & 12-Step Recovery Mini-Retreat

SUNDAY, October 14th 2018 12-4PM


71 grove st glenwood landing, ny 11547

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Join me for this Nourishing Mini Retreat day exploring the practices of Yoga, Meditation, 12-Step Recovery & more…

“Finding Stillness is a conscious effort, an intention put forth into action, it is not numbness; it is not sleep. It is a space in which one is very much Awake, Aware & Alive! Within stillness we can become quiet enough to feel at ease & experience Peace. This is the place where life unfolds before us and we become able to experience and bear witness to the Beauty & Miracles that are always available to us. There is a path that takes us there & a practice, your breath is the guide.”

As we move into Autumn & the days become shorter nature calls for us to begin slowing down. Our bodies, minds & schedules are often overwhelmed with busy lives & modern technology. Too easily rushing about ignoring this sacred beckoning we miss the chance to find stillness. Addiction, being a dis-ease of separation from self, loved ones, community, life, etc… we often avoid or find it difficult to create time to honor the need for stillness. Though our bodies may speak to us in pain, discomfort or sensation and there is often a quiet voice nudging us to listen we may find ourselves engaging in behaviors that do not reaffirm our connection to ourselves. Even with years in recovery we may quell these thoughts & feelings with a need to escape through food, media, television, shopping, unhealthy relationships, isolation, etc. In recovery we are offered the possibility to live “happy, joyous & free”, in order to do that we must embrace a shift not only in the mind & spirit but in our body as well, the home in which we must live every day.

Through Yoga, meaning “union”, a practice of mindfulness that is often referred to as a ”moving meditation” we explore how the mind & body react to postures (asana). This practice emulates life in that we begin to observe our “reactions”, in moments of stillness, to an experience; new or old. With this awareness and breathing techniques we become empowered to consciously shift the thoughts & feelings that may arise which can bring about a shift in energy and the creation of new ways to respond to & enjoy life.

Join me for this special Mini Retreat Day!! This will be a safe space for anyone:

  • Affected by their own or someone else's addiction

  • Curious how habits (thoughts & behaviors) may be affecting your ability to live the best life possible

  • Looking to deepen your connection to your recovery, meet like minded community and gain tools for living a more balanced life

Together we'll enjoy:

  • Welcoming Circle/Intro: Meditation & Intention Setting

  • An Open level yoga practice infused with language encouraging mindfulness & self care

  • Healthy alignment for a safe yoga practice

  • Pranayama (Breathing techniques to balance mind and energy)

  • Time for reflection & writing

  • Delicious organic snacks & beverages

  • An Open 12-Step meeting

  • Guided Meditation (observing the mind)

  • Gentle yoga practice

  • Yoga Nidra (practice of guided relaxation for deep rest and revitalization)

  • Closing Circle

  • Surprise gift!

  • Please bring a yoga mat, water & a pen paper or journal if you’d like to write about anything that arises for you in our time together


Please note by atteding this event you are supporting Glenwood Life Center which is a local non-profit community center committed to wellness, education, spirituality & understanding. Additionally your purchase of a full price space in the retreat will provide the opportunity for me to offer a few sliding scale spaces for those that would like to attend but cannot afford full price & ONE full scholarship space. If you'd like to apply for sliding scale or the work exchange please e-mail me with the subject: "retreat sliding scale" or "retreat work exchange" and tell me a bit about why you're applying for either option. 

  • Early bird: $65 paid in full by October 10th

  • after Oct 10th Full price: $85 paid in full

  • Sliding scale (limited/first come first serve)

  • ONE work exchange position: This will allow you to attend the mini retreat for free in exchange for helping with set up, during the class and breakdown after. Will require early arrival and late departure. (by application)

  • Space is limited!!! cash or check accepted

  • SPONOR: If you cannot make it to this retreat but would like to provide this experience for someone else (can be someone you know or donate the funds for someone in need) please email me.

Click to register or call Laura at 516-459-6022. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. 

**payment & cancellation policy: payments must be made in full by given date in order for price to be honored. cancellations must be made with 72 hours notice for a full refund. Less than this will be partial or no refund. I apologize for any inconvenience.