Welcome to the Journey! Intro and a short story

Hello Dear Beautiful Soul!

I feel like we're about to take off on some cosmic carnival ride! And I get the sense that in fact we are (or at least I am!) and I hope you'll join me, as this blog has been a lifetime in the making. Quite possibly many lifetimes (if you believe in that sorta thing).

I'll be sharing all kinds of groovy stuff like yoga & mindfulness techniques to amazing foods, recipes and rituals that have helped me heal & keep me feeling good through the ups and downs of depression and anxiety and how I continue to keep myself grounded and connected. I'll be sharing about addiction & recovery, about my life, my poetry, short stories, art and THE RIDICULOUS BRILLIANCE OF BEING HUMAN! This has been a long time coming and I'm super excited to share the journey with you!!!

Please feel free to share with me about your experiences, fears, inspiration, excitement and life and let me know what you connect to most and want more of in these posts. This is a space for  inspiration and authenticity! I'm here to get real with y'all that there is hope and beauty in the pages of our stories. Keep writing, Keep reading, keep sharing & KEEP SHINING! 

*Warning! This is real life stuff so it can be intense, but we get through it.

Transition: Where I'm at now and what keeps me going...a "realtime" short story

To be completely honest, I am going through a tremendous shift in my life, it is confusing as all hell and strangely exciting at the same time. It's rife with moments of totally consuming fear and anxiety, what feels like falling down on my face in total defeat to extraordinary serendipity, absolute gratitude and what I can only know to be, Grace.

Grace, I'll get back to her. First comes a bit of madness, you know, that moment in time where you feel you may be on the brink of nothing less than insanity? Not the difference between genius and...I'm talking lose your mind crazy, my life is unbearably out of control. I shake my head, my body shudders and I remember there's close to a thousand things I can do to get through this and then...I feel a moment of complete panic. "BUT WHERE DO I BEGIN ?!?" Before the overwhelming feelings set and I'm locked into a downward spiral of fear and obsession my simple question leads to a quiet answer and a calm that settles in and "thank god!" quickly takes over. Direction; the next right action, a moment of clarity.  And there she is again, Grace, the clouds clear and my vision rights itself.

The world outside my mind comes back into focus. I welcome a tangible reality verses the momentary visceral insanity. Birds are chirping, patches of blue peak through a somewhat cloudy August afternoon sky and the roses smell magenta blooming on the street corner. A smile slowly paints my lips. Eyelids close like velvet and I lean in fairy like with silvery unseen wings; I take in their sweet perfume. Roses are like love bombs and Grace, she's a little funny like that; always waiting for you to open up and let her in. She's partly pause and alllll sigh, swaddling my soul in a creamy cashmere blanket of intuition that everything is going to be alright. She's the embodiment of remembering; no matter how life takes you by surprise that beauty purely and perfectly awaits you, if you're open to her. Grace...she's looking for you and she's a doozy. She walks hand in hand with a friend name Peace. I think they have a Love Child named Serenity. 

-Laura Valerie 

Please stay tuned for more! Next I'm sending out some of my favorite "food hacks" & recipes! Till then, SHINE ON!