About Laura

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Welcome, I'm so grateful you've arrived here. I'm Laura, a Long Island based E-RYT 200 Yoga Instructor & Artist. My hope is that as I share my story it speaks to you as though we've met in person. This is how I share my heart and this is how I share Yoga.

As I look back, more than 10 years ago, at my first experience with Yoga & Meditation I can only describe it today as an act of Grace. From a young age I suffered with depression & anxiety. I had no clue what Yoga was but I loved to dance and spend time in nature and began to incorporate pilates and running into my daily life. In my late 20’s I entered 12-Step Recovery and realized that exercise and dance were how I tried to regulate my thinking and emotions when I was younger yet I was always left with a longing for so much more.

Many people, in 12-Step Recovery or not, live day to day feeling separate from themselves, their bodies, lives and communities. Yoga, meaning "Union" is a mindfulness practice that provides movement with depth. With self awareness as a key component to Yoga & Meditation I learned tools for overcoming negative thinking and the feelings and energy of anxiety and depression and to connect with my heart inspiring hope and gratitude. Yoga postures (asana), meditation & breathing techniques (pranayama) are integral to my living a deeply connected and healthy life along with the 12-Step Recovery program.

I believe we all have the ability to overcome adversity, to move beyond survival and embrace a life where we can thrive. Since 2014 I've been teaching privately in home and have taught in yoga studios, by donation in parks, with corporate wellness programs and in a sober home for formerly incarcerated women. I have the honor of working with United We Om, a local non-profit providing Yoga & Meditation to underserved communities and as an Advisor to the Board for their Addiction Recovery Programs and as a Karma Yogi in Residence. Over the years I've found that no matter your background, level of experience or the setting you practice in, a Yoga & Meditation practice support a reduction in stress, help to improve mental and emotional clarity and focus and provide an overall greater sense of joy, wellbeing, empowerment and hope. 

With an additional training and 100 hours of certification in Alignment Therapeutics, 100+ hours of Yoga and Addiction Recovery certification and Trauma Informed Yoga certification it is an honor to offer these practices and support you on your journey. I look forward to working with you on your path of well-being.

With deepest gratitude,