Yoganna Love This: An Acupuncture & Yoga Mini Retreat Day! 


SUNDAY DEC 9th 12-2:30PM

Location:  Glenwood Life Center 71 Grove St Glenwood Landing, NY 11547

The afternoon will begin with a welcoming circle & centering meditation. From there we’ll move into a gentle yoga practice to move energy & get your body, mind & spirit ready for some yummy restorative poses where you’ll receive aromatherapy with relaxing oils mmmmmm!!! But wait, it gets better!!! 30 mins of deep restful Yoga Nidra (a guided relaxation meditation) while you receive Acupuncture & tuning forks for vibrational healing. YAY!!! We’ll end with a closing circle sharing light snacks & adaptogenic teas and send you on your way with a wellness goody bag!!!

Space is limited so that everyone can enjoy the full experience during our time together!!! 
Registration and payment due by Nov 26th
Exchange: $85

To use the paypal button simply click and enter $85.00 to submit payment. Thanks!

For more info or to register by cash/check Call Laura (516) 459-6022 or Maddy 516-383-2644

Class is held in the Studio upstairs. Street parking. Use side entrance.

See what people are saying about the mini-retreat!!!

"The serenity and sense of wellbeing gained from just a few hours in the workshop was invaluable. The
yoga was not too strenuous but brought me into relationship with my body and helped me release
stress I had been holding. The vibration therapy and acupuncture had a deeply calming effect. Delicious
herbal tea was the perfect way to end the day.
For me – the workshop was a spiritual experience that I was able to carry far from the room and
throughout the week. Laura and Maddie are healers in every sense of the word and I can’t wait for the
next workshop.

-Julieanne N.Y. March 2018

 TUEsdays 6:45-8:15pm

WEEKLY YOGA OF 12-STEP RECOVERY (Y12SR) CLASS "combining the practical tools of the 12-Steps and the wisdom of yoga". DETAILS HERE.

Curious about what people are saying about Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR)?

"This was so relaxing I'll be back next week." -Anonymous at GLC Tuesday eve

"This was amazing I'm going to tell everyone about it!" -Shirin Y12SR Saturday am Orekestai Farm 

My Philosophy:

The study of Yoga is practice of self-love which leads to personal empowerment and transformation. With the gift of breath, movement and mindfulness students learn to explore their internal world and cultivate awareness and connection to their body. This lends itself to an array of experiences such as increased joy, peace, ease and an ability to be more present in life. 

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I'm honored to work with United We Om & Living Water for Women. Together we bring Yoga & Meditation for Recovery to formerly incarcerated women offering them tools for relapse prevention & personal empowerment.